The Blossoming Process is the stage in which one embraces change and maturity and shows signs of promise to grow and become one who bears fruit.

Monitoring and Case Management

Review of Plan from Stage 1

  • TAC staff and participant will agree to the needs-assessment plan developed during Stage 1.
  • TAC staff will assist participant in making connections with agencies and organizations that can aid in meeting the needs of the participant.
  • Participant will sign off on the personal development plan put in place to help them overcome their challenges and experience growth.
  • Participant will agree to adhere to the plan for counseling, educational and spiritual development.

Make Adjustments as Appropriate

Throughout the Blossoming Process, adjustments will be made to aid the participant in meeting their goals and coping with any setbacks due to lack of resources, poor health, or inability to complete their plan in a timely fashion. Monitoring and case management allow TAC to anticipate setbacks and make adjustments to avoid them when possible.

Personal Development Curriculums

Materials and resources have been chosen to guide the participant through their plan to reach their goals and growth. Those materials will cover such topics as:

  • Becoming a person of Integrity
  • Becoming a person of Excellence
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Freedom

Embracing the Family Unit

As the participant develops a better understanding of self and a pathway to health and wellness, they will be guided through a process to improve their relationships with family. That process will include:

  • Following recommendations made from the assessment of the strengths and needs of the children and families.
  • Case management of the plan for the family unit.
  • Employing methods learned to enhance family unity such as group decision-making.
  • Carrying out plans for family engagement that may include parent-child visitation, involvement of foster parents in the case, understanding the relationship of family to the caseworker, and involvement of a parent mentor or advocate.